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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Puppy Innocence

I just love the innocence of a puppy and the playful attitude they always carry.  Our little Sal aka "Sally"  we adopted from the humane society almost a month ago.  She has truly brought tons of laughter and smiles into our home this past holiday season.  She is full of energy and very well behaved but I can't get over how every time I take her for a walk she seems to find the oddest things to play with.  This morning I couldn't stop laughing at how cute she was to carry something almost bigger than herself.  I got tons of cute looks and smiles from strangers as she strolled her confidence walk with her huge palm tree stick in her mouth.  She thought she was something~its amazing how something so cute and cuddly can become your best friend and bring many smiles and warmth to your heart each day.  If any of you have pets I am sure you can relate and possibly have some experiences of your own to share!

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